What To Do After An Auto Accident

fenderbenderAuto accidents are unpredictable and can be very nerve-racking. They can turn a great day, into a stressful day. Take a deep breath and try not to stress – accidents happen! Here at Quincy Insurance, we try to take the stress off your back by helping you as best as we can – after all we are your insurance agents!

Here are a few steps to take following an auto accident:

  • Relax and make sure you or anyone else involved is not injured.
  • Turn your hazards on and move your vehicle to the side of the road to a safe place if possible.
  • Call the police immediately so the accident is reported, especially if there are injuries or your vehicle appears to be un-drivable.
  • Take a picture of the license plate and the damages.
  • Exchange the following information with the other driver:
    • Names, addresses, telephone numbers
    • Driver license numbers and license plates
    • Auto insurance companies – name of company, phone number, policy number
  • Document the location, the time, the damages to both vehicles, etc.
  • State the facts and don’t say who was at fault.
  • Contact and notify your agent as soon as possible to put in a claim.
December 12th, 2013 by Quincy Insurance Agency LLC