Safety Tips for this Labor Day


Labor Day is this weekend, can you believe it? It’s the last hoorah of the summer, and people all around the country have the opportunity to celebrate with a three day weekend, signifying the transition into fall. As you enjoy yourselves this weekend, there are a few things to be mindful of as you celebrate the holiday with your friends and family:

Heat Waves

Long days in the sun can be dangerous. Make sure you’re drinking lots of water and staying hydrated.  The UV rays are still hitting hard so be sure to keep lathering up the SPF and protecting your skin.

Don’t Drink and Drive

Every holiday means celebrating, just don’t overdo it. Studies show that Labor Day weekend averages 15% more traffic related fatalities than normal weekends. Have a plan before drinking and follow that plan. If something happens and the plan doesn’t seem feasible, call a friend or a cab that can give you a ride. Additionally, for AAA members, AAA offers “Tipsy Tow”, a service that will tow both you and your vehicle home for free. AAA comes out to you within the hour, and provides this service for Labor Day weekend throughout the state of Massachusetts. This is also a busy weekend for travel and the more traffic on the road increases the chances for accident potential.  If you are on the road, drive defensively and try your hardest to limit your number of distractions.


Never swim alone and try to always swim at a pool or a beach where a lifeguard is on duty. For small children or inexperienced swimmers, make sure they have floatation devices or left vests to use while in or near the water.

Keep Food Refrigerated

This is probably common sense but we’re going to mention it anyway. Make sure when you’re barbequing; keep your food refrigerated until you cook it. Meat should be cooked to roughly 155 degrees to kill harmful bacteria. Also make sure you are being careful when using your grill and remember to turn it off when you’re done grilling!

Labor Day safety is very important and often not thought about at the end of the summer. While no single activity is particularly unsafe, the combination of crowds, alcohol, travelling and being around water can add up and take a bad turn without intending them to. By thinking about safety and taking the necessary precautions, your Labor Day can be as safe as it is fun!

August 29th, 2013 by Quincy Insurance Agency LLC