Safety driving tips for teen’s receiving their driver’s license

teen safety driving tipsDid your son or daughter just receive their driver’s license or are they about to? If so, I am sure you are concerned with all of the hazardous and undpredictable occurances they may experience during the first 12 months of driving. Due to their lack of experience  it may be nerve racking to send your child off to the store,to  a friends house, or simply cruise around the neighborhood. You may be wondering what you can do to help ease your nerves .

Here are a few tips to steer your teen on a path of drving safely:

  • Be a good role model – when you are driving, be cautious of your actions because kids are always paying attention to your every move.
  • If you bought your teen a car or are letting them use yours it’s a good idea to set up a contract describing the restrictions, rules, and consequencs when driving.
  • Even after they have completed  their required 40 hours of supervised driving continue having them drive you around once and while to observe their progress.
  • Keep the distractions to a minimum – don’t let them drive around friends or anyone underage. Also, do not allow them to use their cell phones while operating the vehicle. If there is an emergency, they can always pull over!
  • There are many things that can occur unexpectedly while operating a vehicle. Ways to help prepare for these occurances are to teach your child  how to drive defensively:  Always buckle up, stay alert and anticipate mistakes from other drivers, obey road rules and pay close attention to where pedestrains could be present (such as sidewalks, school zones, and shopping centers).

There are also safety programs that are offered to help people  become better drivers.   The In Control Crash Prevention program  is a fun hands-on program with  highly qualified trainers that create real world situations to help prepare you for unexpected occurances. If you get nervous when your ABS breaks come on, manuevering in close quarters,  backing  out of drive ways or parking spaces, than this program is not only perfect for your teen,  but for you too! 85% of carriers now offer between 5%-10% discounts for those who graduate from the program.

Remember – some operator’s don’t always obey road rules!  Learning how to drive safely and carefully helps avoid accidents and mistakes, so keep these helpful tips in mind while driving!

September 10th, 2013 by Quincy Insurance Agency LLC