Pool Safety… Are You Protected?

poolIt’s the sweet summer time.  With those hot spells certain to creep up again, we’re sure many of you will be taking advantage of the sunshine and hitting the pool.  We want to make sure that you, your family and guests are safe.  Here are several safety rules for pool owners to look over to prevent accidents and decrease their  potential liability exposure.


  • The required fence around the pool area helps keep people out of your pool that you don’t want, including small children and animals. Please check with local zoning laws for your towns required heigh. The standard height in Massachusetts is 4 feet
  • Installing door alarms, locks and safety covers create additional barriers of protection around the pool
  • Check the deck for safety hazards such as protruding nails or loose and rough boards
  • Make sure there is sufficient lifesaving equipment near the pool area such as life preservers and a rescue hook
  • Installing an audible pool alarm is a great idea because it alerts you if someone falls into the pool while it is unattended
  • Never leave small children unsupervised around the pool
  • Make sure that all pool users know how to swim and the bystanders know how to use the lifesaving equipment
  • Never allow anyone who has consumed alcohol to swim in the pool
  • Keep all electrical devices away from the pool such as radios, phones, ipods etc.
  • Regularly sanitize the pool with chlorine and test the water to make sure you’re maintaining the correct pH level
  • Keep your pool maintained and properly preserved during winter months. Make sure the cover’s strong enough to support a New England snowfall
  • For above ground pools, make sure you check metal supports for rust or deterioration. These areas could potentially rupture and someone could be injured
  • For above ground pools, make sure your ladder can either be locked or removed and put away when it’s not in use
  • Insurance Companies will always ask you to remove your diving boards and slides. It’s not that they don’t want you to have fun they’re just huge liability risks

Pool Safety is really what you make of it. Take the time to look over these rules so you can enjoy your summer and your pool worry free! 🙂

July 25th, 2013 by Quincy Insurance Agency LLC