Motorcycles and Personal Injury Protection

The sun has started to shine, the snow is gone and melted, and it’s looking like the weather has finally turned and we’re officially into our Spring season. We think so at least, but you never know with New England 🙂 Either way, we want you to be as prepared as possible and to be aware of some things as motorcycle season is just around the corner.

In Massachusetts, the thing to keep in mind for motorcyclists is that Personal Injury Protection benefits (PIP) are not available. What exactly are PIP benefits you may ask? PIP is found in Part 2 of the Massachusetts Auto Policy, and is a mandated part for every auto policy in the state of Massachusetts. PIP benefits protect you, anyone in your vehicle, or someone who has your permission to use your vehicle.  The benefits provide reimbursement for the first $2,000 of your medical expenses as well as lost wages,  or a mixture of the two. PIP also follows YOU. If you’re injured in another state besides Massachusetts and are struck by a motor vehicle from that state your PIP would cover you.

The problem in Massachusetts, is insurance companies will not provide PIP coverage in motor vehicle insurance policies covering motorcycles. PIP benefits will only provide coverage  to a pedestrian struck by a motorcycle, which happens very rarely. It is for this reason that motorcycle riders make sure they have sufficient health insurance to cover the cost of medical treatments and related expenses that they may have in case they are injured as the result of an accident. For a motorcylist, this means carrying Part 6 Medical Payments (Med Pay) on your policy.

The reason for this is in the case of any motor vehicle  accident, your health insurance will deny the first $2,000 regardless of who is at fault. If the accident involves any motor vehicle, health care insurers will deny the first $2,000 NO MATTER WHAT.  Normally PIP takes care of this $2,000 for you, if you were driving any vehicle that is not a motorcycle. But if you have a motorcycle and you don’t have MedPay coverage, you are responsible for the $2,000 out of pocket.  MedPay will also guarantee that both you (the insured) and any passenger you may have on the back of your bike receive medical payments up to the policy limit per person.

The bottom line to all of this is when putting your motorcycle on the road, it is imperative that you really review your coverage, especially if you reduce your limits during the winter. We care about our insureds and our agents here will educate you on the type of coverage you need and help you understand exactly why you need it. We don’t want it to take an accident to discover these things. We got you covered here at QIA, please give us a call at 781-431-9600 to learn more.

April 26th, 2013 by Quincy Insurance Agency LLC