Insurance Agencies…how can you benefit from them?


Do you hate being put through automated phone  systems and waiting nearly five minutes to actually speak with a customer service representative ? How about having to shop around and  research many different insurance companies  in order figure out  what coverages you are going to need? Well that’s when agencies come in handy! Insurance agencies help avoid all of the confusion and are able to help you taylor your coverage to what you need. They are here to help YOU!

Now you may be wondering what an independent agent actually is. Commonly know as “the middle-man” between an  insurance carrier and insurer, independent agents are here to make your life simple.  They  are licensed professionals that are very knowlegable and provide excellent customer service. You don’t have to deal with the annoyance of listening to an automated machine over and over because you missed the extension number or they simply didn’t have the option you were looking for.  You have the opportunity to speak directly with  an agent when you call.

Our agents  are extrememly personable  and will listen to to your situation and answers any questions you may have. They have the ability to offer you a variety of coverages and quotes  from different carriers and will recommend the best carrier that suits your needs. They can explain step by step the differences between each coverage  to help you grasp a better understanding. They may even suggest coverages that you wouldn’t even think you’d need because of their knowledge and  familiarity of your location. For example, if you live in South Boston and you only have access to street parking your agent is going to recommend  having collision coverage on your auto policy with a low deductible. This suggestion is very practical because street parking is risky due to traffic, hit and runs, weather conditions, and any other occurences that may cause damage your car.

Trying  to find the best coverages is something you want to take into consideration when looking for insurance. There are many carriers out their and agents are only here to help you  find the best coverage, and at the same time  trying to save you money. Call us today at 781-431-9600 to find out what we can do for you!

September 17th, 2013 by Quincy Insurance Agency LLC