Fall Checklist for your Home and Auto

Fall Checklist for your Home and Auto!


Fall is here! The leaves are beginning turn over and the temperature is dropping. It’s about that time to start thinking about preparing your home and auto for the beautiful season. Here are a few helpful maintenaince tips to help guide you :



o   Chimney inspection – make sure vents and chimney are clean to prevent chimney fires and carbon monoxide from leaking into your home.

o   Heating system – inspect the heating system and clean or replace furnace filters.

o   Test smoke detectors – replace the ones that do not work and make sure you have a fire extinguisher that works and is easily accessible.

o   Insulate water pipes and check for any leaks.

o   Add weatherstrips to the doors and windows – keep the warm air in and cold air out!

o   Turn off any exterior faucets and drain the water hoses to prevent the pipes and hoses from bursting.

o   Clean gutters –Clean out any debris or leaves from the gutters to prevent buildup and clogging. Repair or replace gutters that are broken.



o   Brakes

o   Heating System – check to make sure your heat works so you are able to stay warm.

o   Wiper Blades – replace any blades that are wearing out or causing streaks on your windshield.

o   Tires – check the tire pressure and depth of tread to make sure you have enough traction.

o   Battery – check to make sure battery is adequate and will survive the cold weather and replace if necessary.

o   Fluid Levels – check antifreeze/coolant level and concentration, power stering, brake, oil, transmission and windshield washer fluid.

o   Lights – check to make sure all lights are working properly (hazards, front, rear, signals).

September 25th, 2014 by Quincy Insurance Agency LLC