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May 6th, 2019 by Quincy Insurance Agency LLC

Renters Insurance..Why you should consider it

You're growing up and moving out of mom and dad's house. You may be moving in with roommates or maybe with your girlfriend/ boyfriend. After budgeting all of your expenses for the rent, food and, bills you may want to consider one more thing. When you move out of your parents house, you are creating your own world but, now you are also taking responsibility for yourself.... Read Article

Do you need the insurance rental cars offer?

Going on vacation? We get this call all the time at the agency! When going on vacation do I need to purchase the insurance they offer on my rental vehicle? That questions has a few different components to it. The first question we would ask our client is "where are you going". The reason we ask that question is because, If you are going somewhere... Read Article

Ridesharing and how it impacts you

There has been a lot of controversy about ridesharing in the media, mostly dealing with the type of insurance that they carry. Ridesharing has popped up in a big way, it is a “taxi-like” services that are run though downloadable Apps. The most popular being Uber, Lyft and Sidecar. They allow you to download an App that uses GPS to find you a “driver” that... Read Article

What do those “points on your license” actually mean?

We have this question asked many times over about how surcharges work. The answer is not an easy one. There are many different factors in that system but we can talk about some of the most common. The first factor is that if you are a new driver you start with a Merit rating of 00. That means that you do not have any surchargable... Read Article

What to Keep In Your Car This Winter Season

For some reason we know winter is coming yet, we are not prepared and even more we are always a little surprised at the first really bad storm. This year everyone should get ready a little early so that that first storm hits you are not caught by surprise. Below are lists of things that are a good idea to keep in the car that... Read Article